Character And Campaign Rules

Character Rules:

  • Start at level 10, with 20500xp (Standard DMG starting gear – see below)
  • Any non-magical equipment from the adventuring gear list. (without cost)
  • 4200gp starting gold (equiv. to a 9th level item cost)
  • 3 Magical Items (One level 9 item, one level 10 item, one level 11 item)
  • Starting gold can be expended to upgrade the free item levels or to buy other magic items/potions/etc

Any starting-level characters can be re-rolled if you wish, you may keep any money/items/XP you currently have(provided you are capable of using the item(s)), but items in the party inventory will not be allocated to you. If in-doubt, contact the DM on here or the Meetup website.

Campaign Rules:

  • No ‘backgrounds’ which add bonuses or skills. (You can have a character background, but it is purely for RP)
  • PHB3 classes are not allowed. (Existing ones wont be removed)
  • PHB3 feats, please ask before using.
  • Unarmoured Agility Feat will be downgraded to +1AC feat bonus, anyone with the feat may take a free retraining of this feat if they wish. (don’t use the retraining tab) – this feat seems to negate the rebalancing put in place with masterwork armour.
  • PHB1 & PHB2 allowed by default. If you have any powers/feats/etc from anything else you need to bring the book or print out supporting material.
  • Content from other books may be allowed but will require approval from Zander before use.
  • Nothing from Eberron or Forgotten Realms settings allowed.
  • Dungeon/Dragon content excluded by default.
  • D&D Essentials character content excluded by default, but rule revisions used.

WotC Compiled Rules Update

Character And Campaign Rules

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