Nightmares of Nerath

The Voyage Begins

The Party leave Moonstair aboard the Tiger's Claw

Following the ambush by Eardwulf, the party venture to Rualiss’ island to see if the wise Eladrin knows anything of the portal used for Pethorn‘s kidnapping, and the religious symbols seen on Eardwulf’s sword and the chest found aboard the Orc boat.

Rualiss believes that the portal has an exact copy, etched in blood, at the other end, and that it must be somewhere on the material plane. Sadly his knowledge of non-fey religion and history is insufficient to provide the party with any further information that may assist them.

As they return from Rualiss’ island, they are summoned to the Garrison, where Mayor Kelana Dhoram informs the heroes that Ambassador Kaidis was spotted boarding a sail ship East of the southern docks. Further to this, a guard acknowledges that Kaidis owns a property south of Woldred’s Hold in Selduria. The Therund council collectively believe that this may be where Kaidis is headed, and that their best hope to find Pethorn alive is to attempt to catch the Ambassador.

Image of Dethos

Dalthan offers his boat, the Tiger’s Claw, and its crew for the group to gain passage to Selduria. At the advice of the Mayor, the party seek wise Dethos at his library, who recognises the symbols seen as belonging to the Karkothi empire; an ancient race of barbarians who discovered necromantic magics. He provides the party with a book, but notices that pages have been removed by the last reader of the book. Dalthan does not remember the name of the elderly man who last borrowed the book, but believes his name began with ‘F’.

The party meet with Captain Kelwood and Dalthan at the docks and prepare to board the vessel. Just before they leave, Brandor Everwood begs that the party deliver his sealed letter to his brother, Thoros at Woldred’s Hold.



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