Nightmares of Nerath

The Banquet

The party defend the Therund Elite against an Orc ambush.

Image of The Banquet

The adventurers are invited to a banquet in the Moonstair Great Hall by request of Baron Peranon via a letter to Mayor Kelana Dhoram. The Baron is visiting Moonstair to give the adventurers his blessings for having thwarted Skalmad’s plans to conquer the city.

They attend the banquet and are introduced to members of The League of Merchants, Brandor Everwood, Anak Strifeminer and Dalthan. Representing the Moonstair Government at the banquet are Mayor Kelana Dhoram and Councillor Gramorn. Baron Peranon, alongside his distant cousin, Sir Reginald of Moonstair attend the banquet with their wives, and the Baron is presented with his ancesteral longsword, Sunwrath by Kerranin. The Baron intends to pass this on to his younger son, Pethorn who cannot attend the banquet due to ill-health.

Before the food is prepared, Faral investigates the kitchen area of The Hall and spots an Orc ambush in time before they can reach the main hall.

Image of The Orc Ambush

From here, the party rushes to prevent the Orcs reaching the main hall and taking out the Therund Elite. Faral and Anorwyn hold off a band of orcs trying to gain entry from the kitchen, whereas the dwarves Kerranin, Thorngrim and Harbek charge in to halt the orcs in the main entrance. Stan and Erranor provide ranged attacks and urge the guests of the banquet to cover.

The orcs retaliate with volleys of arrows. Anak Strifeminer is cut down, and a young female servant (working on her ‘day off’) is killed by another volley. Councillor Gramorn also becomes a victim to the orc archers. Soon after, Baron Peranon himself is attacked, sustaining an injury, whereas the arrows sent flying into Sir Reginald of Moonstair, the Baron’s cousin, prove to be fatal.

Image of Fight near end

After a long fight on two fronts, Anorwyn decapitates the last of the orcs attacking from the kitchen, and she and Faral join the rest of the party in finishing off the Orc Leader in the main corridor. Once Thorngrim delivers the final crushing blow to the orc, the party search the bodies and discover a key and a letter to Oglak, translated by Stan, that indicates that the orcs were paid mercenaries and given specific details of the layout of the Great Hall by someone still in Moonstair. The letter also indicates that there is an orc boat at the north docks.

During a short rest in the hall, a wounded Content Not Found: abassador-kaidis arrives in panic to inform that the Baron’s son, Pethorn has been kidnapped from the Cloudwatch Inn by a band of orcs. The Baron charges the heroes with the task of finding his son immediately.

The party find the orc boat at the docks and use the key to unlock an unusual chest with markings of what appear to be religious significance. Stan fails to identify these, but the party gain the Orc Mercenaries’ fee.



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