Nightmares of Nerath

Ship of the Dead

The party discover Kaidis' ship... and its undead crew.

Captain Kelwood sets the Tiger’s Claw alongside Ambassador Kaidis’ seemingly abandoned ship. The party begin to board it and drop anchor once they get across. Kelwood drops anchor on the Tiger’s Claw to keep the ships in close proximity.

Venturing into the middle deck, the party discover several barrels containing an oily substance. A couple of these had been emptied.

Progressing further into the ship, Kalantari finds a chest on the lower deck of the vessel. Spotting a trap, he and Anorwyn eventually smash it to reveal its contents. Alongside several magic items, they find a journal that appeared to belong to one of Kaidis’ men.


On the top deck, Kerranin examines the forecastle of the ship. Apart from a modest sum of gold, all he discovers is a lot of dust. As he approaches the Aftcastle, he notices that the door has been opened at some point after the party went below deck. Across, in the Tiger’s Claw, a crewman runs up to the top deck to alert Kerranin that ‘things’ are on the side of Kaidis’ ship.

The party in the lower deck are hit by flaming flasks of oil hurled from the portholes, which ignite the wooden surroundings of the bow of the vessel.

As the flames rise, undead creatures, including skeletons resembling those fought in Moonstair emerge from the portholes and the bilge of the ship.



A battle commences in the bowels of the ship. Anorwyn, Kalantari, Kira and Thorngrim find themselves surrounded by skeletal warriors, zombies and undead creatures with fleshy tendrils. It soon becomes apparent that the tendrils of this monstrosity are capable of grabbing the party and anchoring them in place for the other hungry undead.


With assistance from Claw and Kerranin the party manage to fight away the horde, as the flames start to envelope the entire lower deck. Anorwyn, grabbed by a slain zombie and tentacles from one of the creatures, finally manages to break free and the party begin to retreat to the upper decks, which are also starting to go up in flames.

Escaping across to the Tiger’s Claw, the group watches as the final skeletal soldier crumbles to ash in the flames. As the flames take hold of the entire ship, Kaidis’ vessel begins to sink into the Midnight Sea.



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