Nightmares of Nerath

Lost and Found Companions

The party tends to its wounds following the Dragon attack, saying goodbye to two comrades, whilst gaining another.


Following the attack by Rolunir the dragon. The injured party members are revived by Randal The Priest and reflect over their losses. An examination of the corpses of Erranor, Stan and Shardon indicates that only the elf ranger’s remains are intact enough for the raise dead ritual.

The party take useful items from the Cleric and Rogue, knowing that in these dire times, nothing can afford to be wasted. Kerranin, who has adventured with Stan the longest, delivers a fitting eulogy for his friend, before the wrapped bodies are sent overboard at the advice of Captain Kelwood and Dalthan, the ship’s owner. Dalthan discovers his wine amongst Shardon’s belongings, but doesn’t vocalise his annoyance out of respect for the dead.

The two injured dwarves then rest below deck. During this rest, Kalantari and Claw both notice a small boat stranded in the Midnight Sea. As they draw near, they converse with the Dragonborn aboard.

The Dragonborn introduced himself as Kira, a sorcerer with a hatred of dragons who had been tracking Rolunir the dragon on his ship. Unfortunately, the dragon had destroyed his ship and his crew, leaving him to drift on the small rowing boat.

Confident that Kira has no alliance with the Dragonborn allied with Rolunir, the party welcomes him aboard the Tiger’s Claw. At 10pm, with the party rested, and Erranor brought back from the dead by Randal, everyone awaits the third incarnation of the Mummy.

As they wait, they notice a ship in the distance that has no visible lights. As the vessel draws closer, the party identify this as matching the description of Ambassador Kaidis’ two masted sailing ship.



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