Nightmares of Nerath

Eardwulf's Ambush

Kaidis' bodyguard leads the party into a skeletal ambush.

Whilst the town guard searches for Ambassador Kaidis, under the direction of the party and Mayor Kelana Dhoram, the party are approached by Kaidis’ bodyguard, Eardwulf.

He informs the party that Kaidis’ seeks to speak with them, and that he cannot trust the Baron or Moonstair government.

The party cautiously follows Eardwulf towards the shopping district, despite Stan and Kalantari’s strong suspicions over his motives.

Entering a dusty abandoned shop that has been boarded up, the party are led upstairs, where Kerranin spots the Ambassador in the bedroom. Apparantly muttering something, Kerranin approaches to notice that Kaidis is repeating the same phrase ‘we need to talk’ every few seconds or so. Stan detects that Kaidis’ image is merely an illusion and the party prepare themselves as several skeletal warriors emerge from the floorboards.

Harbek, Anorwyn, Erranor, Kerranin and Stan defend themselves against the undead warriors emerging from all around them. Using their radiant powers, the cleric and Paladin hold back the aggressive skeletons, allowing their martial comrades to hack into their bones. Erranor, at first struggles to fire off his arrows in the confined space of the shop, but his arrows eventually start to land straight into the skull of his quarry.

Meanwhile, Kalantari and Thorngrim battle with two hulking Goliath skeletons on the lower floor of the shop. Kalantari is pinned down until Thorngrim invokes his warding powers to draw them into targetting him. His fortitude is tested as the fullblades continue to strike him.

Upstairs, Harbek lands a crushing blow on Eardwulf, forcing the mysterious bodyguard to teleport back into the bedroom area, where he is pinned down by Kerranin. Most of the skeletons are dispatched by the combined efforts of Erranor, Stan and Anorwyn. Anorwyn rushes downstairs to assist Thorngrim and Kalantari, while the others assist Kerranin.

With Anorwyn’s help, Thorngrim and Kalantari manage to turn the tide of the battle downstairs. Thorngrim’s bird repays the cruel attacks on his master by pecking the skull of one of the Goliath Skeletons into dust, whilst further combined efforts see the final Goliath smashed into a pile of bones.

Upstairs Eardwulf and his surviving skeleton fail to slay the heroes. Harbek takes a huge swing of his axe, knocking Eardwulf out cold with the flat of his axe. Then to everyone’s surprise, the remaining skeleton turns round to his master and kills him with a swipe of its blade before it is destroyed by the party.

Apart from ritual components (2000 GP worth) and an ornate blade with the symbol of a horned skull on it, the party find little of interest in the shop. The two goliath skeletons carried powerful fullblades which are taken by Anorwyn and Kalantari.

The party decide to continue to Rualiss’ island, to seek knowledge of the portal they found and potentially use Nogbad‘s ability to speak with dead on Eardwulf’s corpse.



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