Nightmares of Nerath

Bards, Beetles and Boats

The party rescue two bards from a Kuo toa attack.

After an hour or so travelling downstream aboard the Tiger’s Claw, the majority of the party sleep in the crew quarters whilst a few others keep watch on deck. Claw struggles to comprehend Dethos’ book on the Karkothi, while Vicar uses his experience of war to take on the roll of Drill Sergeant as he attempts to get Captain Kelwood’s crew combat ready.

Soon they spot a guard outpost built into the riverbed. Unusually, no lights are lit at the post, and Kerranin and Claw become suspicious that foul play may be the cause. As the Tiger’s Claw draws closer, two well dressed men are spotted skulking towards the front of the outpost, indicating that there’s something in the water.

Claw jumps into the water and discovers giant Beetles mounted by the amphibious Kuo Toa. Kerranin follows his longstanding companion into the river and draws the Beetles away long enough for Claw to slow them down by invoking seaweed to latch onto them. The Kuo Toa still manage to hurl bags containing swarms of beetles onto the deck of the Tiger’s claw to terrorise the ship’s crew.

Meanwhile, on the boat the rest of the party wakes to the noise above deck, and they join the combat. No sooner do they join the fold, as a large fish-like creature emerges to the West of the river blasting several party members with slime and eventually mind controlling Erranor to launch two arrows into his good friend, Vicar.

Vicar manages to summon a mighty blow that sends one of the beetle swarms flying far into the water, and Kalantari and Harbek hack the second swarm to pieces.

The party collectively take on an additional two Kuo Toa that climb aboard the starboard side of the ship, but the combat takes a turn for the surreal as all 8 crew members run screaming from below deck, following by a shambling mummy.

The mummy punches Thorngrim with some forceful blows, but Thorngrim invokes his Warden abilities and returns the attack with blows from his own hammer and bird companion. Eventually the party gains the upper hand on the Kua Toa and Mummy, but as Thorngrim lands the final blow on his undead foe, the monster claims that he ‘cannot be killed’ before turning into dust.

Claw and Kerranin finish off the mounted Kuo Toa and their Beetle steeds, but the large fish is nowhere to be seen. Finally rescuing the bards, the party learns that that the musicians were on their way to Pelarbin until their boat was attacked by the Kuo Toa. They sought refuge at the outpost, but the guards there were eaten by the Giant Beetles.

Claw skins the Beetles and discovers a ‘Heavy Shield Of Deflection’ inside the body of one.



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