Quest Summary

Moonstair Events

  • Mayor Dhoram gives the party an invitation to a banquet at Moonstair’s Great Hall.
  • Ambassador Kaidis visits the party and instructs them on etiquette. His bodguard, Eardwulf is also present.
  • The Banquet is attack by several orcs. Anak Strifeminer , Councillor Gramorn, Sir Reginald of Moonstair and servants are killed. a letter to Oglak is found on the corpse of orc leader, indicating that the attack was arranged by an ‘inside man’.
  • Pethorn is kidnapped from the Cloudwatch Inn at the same time as the attack at the Great Hall.
  • The surviving banquet attendees are relocated to the garrison.
  • The party investigate Pethorn’s room at the cloudwatch inn and discover a closed portal.
  • The party learns Kaidis has gone missing.
  • The party meet Eardwulf near the shopping district who takes them to a disused shop to meet Kaidis, but they are ambushed by animated skeletons.
  • Kaidis escapes Moonstair by boat and heads south down the trade river.
  • The nobles believe Kaidis may be retreating to his property in Selduria and Dalthan offers his boat, The Tiger’s Claw as transport to catch him.
  • The party gains Dethos’ book, A Guide to the Karkothi Empire after Dethos recognises symbols from a chest and Eardwulf’s sword.
  • Brandor Everwood gives Kerranin a letter to deliver to his brother, Thoros when they arrive at the Iron Wolf Hold in Selduria.

Trade River Events

  • The party are attacked by an unknown sea creature and Kuo-Toa at a River Outpost south of Moonstair.
  • The party and crew are attacked by a mummy who appears from the lower decks, seemingly not aligned with the Kuo-Toa forces. When killed, he turns to dust and informs the party that he cannot die. The mummy has a missing index finger.
  • The party rescue two bards at the outpost, Gregor and Grumold. They require passage to Pelarbin through Nera Bay and The Midnight Sea.

Nera Bay Events

  • A band of pirates make contact with the Tiger’s Claw. Dethan and Captain Kelwood have dealt with him before and wish to give in to his demands of monetry compensation.
  • The party decide that they will not surrender anything to the pirates and a fight ensues. One allied crewmember is killed. When the party wins the fight, they gain an additional ship, which they intend to take to Pelarbin.
  • The party discover an imprisoned fisherman dwarf by the name of Thunderwood aboard the pirate’s ship, whom they free.
  • the four surviving pirates are imprisoned aboard the Tiger’s Claw.

Pelarbin Events

Western Midnight Sea Events

Midnight Sea Events

Quest Summary

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