Karkothi Enemies

A List of characters with Karkothi Links


Leader of Theomund. Apparant mastermind of the Karkothi plans for invasion of Western Selduria. According to Theomind, holds Baron Peranon’s son at his Keep Of Eternal Darkness in the Dread Marshes.

Ambassador Kaidis

Diplomat from the Therund Barony. Took part in the kidnapping of the Baron’s son in Moonstair. See ‘ The Investigation’.


Karkothi Bodyguard of Kaidis. A diary of one of the Nerathi guards of Kaidis stated that Eardwulf had taught Kaidis certain Karkothi arcane secrets in his short time alongside Kaidis. Eardwulf was killed by the party as a diversion to allow Kaidis to escape Moonstair by ship. See ‘ Eardwulf’s Ambush’.


A Half-elf reputed gambler, who was employed by Theomund (see below), to pass on a cursed finger to Chieftain Woldred in his banquet hall during one of the games. Instead, Thoros passed the finger onto the wealthy landowner, Brandor Everwood, who eventually passed the finger on to the party. For his failure, Thoros was killed by Theomund at Tostig’s stables. Tostig buried the body himself.


A Winterskull Barbarian who was banished from his former land. Found work running a stable just outside of Woldred’s Hold. The Karkothi Thane Theomund used him to monitor shipments and military movements around the Hold for some form of future attack. The Karkothi ties to the Winterskulls gave Tostig hope that he would be repatriated with his former tribe. Tostig was coerced into revealing his involvement by the party when they visited his stables. See ‘ Stable Showdown’.


Karkothi thane who appears to have been acting in some form of scout role for an upcoming attack from a Karkothi army. The party prepared an ambush for Theomund at Tosig’s stables, in which the Karkothi Thane was killed by Erranor. When presenting his body to Chieftain Woldred, the Iron Wolf leader brought Theomund back to life by crushing a necromantic skull amulet that appeared to be filled with blood.


Elder Blue Dragon that targeted the party after orders taken from Kaidis to maim them and slow down the pursuit. Killed three party members. See ‘ Big Blue Meany’.

Karkothi Enemies

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