Nightmares of Nerath

The Temple Between

“Our eyes are open,
our fists are closed.
Our walls are stone,
our shields are steel.
Our faces are many,
our soul is dwarf.
And thus is there no foe against whom Overlook cannotstand.”

It is an ancient Overlook proverb—some would even call it a prayer—and it’s about to be put to the ultimate test.

Mountainroot Temple Map

Den of theDestroyer

“The armies that today march across the fields and mountains of the world will tomorrow be forgotten, as will we all. But do not fear the progress of history, nor give up in today’s fight, for our efforts are far from futile. Instead, prepare your sword and shield and stand against the tide that threatens to overwhelm our lands. For though you and I may be forgotten in the years to come, what we do today will echo through the ages and determine the fate of all those who follow in our footsteps.”

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

“We are mercenaries, all of us, but only a precious few have honesty enough to admit it. Whether we sell ourselves for coin, for honor, or ideals, we all have a price whose continued payment leads us inevitably to our end. But when that end comes, will you admit to your balance sheet? Or will you lie when you claim that the blood on your hands was spilled for just cause, not simply your hunger for glory?”

Umbraforge Map

Siege of Bordrin’s Watch

How can we forget the suffering of our kin during the Age of Chains? How can we
set aside those ancient grudges when the risk of slavery is now greater than ever?
Fellow warriors, the orcs are upon us, marching once more to the beat of the giants’
drum. It falls to us to stop them—to hold fast no matter their numbers. If we falter,
we give into fear. It’s not just ourselves and our way of life that will suffer; all people
of the Elsir Vale will perish as well. War is upon us. Now is the time for men and
women of courage to stand up and defend those who cannot defend themselves.


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