Nightmares of Nerath

The Mummy Returns
As the sun goes down, the party is ambushed by the Mummy.

Following the battle with the Kuo Toa, the party seeks to recover loot and lost weapons from the seabed.

Claw, Anorwyn and Thorngrim tie off ropes and swim 100 feet to the bottom of the sea. Despite poor visibility, they are successful in recovering a few items, including the scepter and jewelry of the Kuo Toa Whip and one of Thorngrim’s lost hammers.

Smells a bit fishy to me...

Sending the crew below, Captain Kelwood asked to speak with the party. He did not appreciate what happened in the meeting with the pirates, and he expects the party to act in accord with his wishes in future. No other members of the crew should be harmed…

Piracy is Illegal I tell you!
Pirates try to charge protection fee

Having defeated the river creatures we all decide to rest-up for the night. During this rest-time, the Tiger’s Claw finishes its traverse of the river and starts heading east across the Nera Bay. Berend the dwarf manages to take a look at Dethos’ book, A Guide to the Karkothi Empire and shares his new found knowledge of this mysterious faction.

Bards, Beetles and Boats
The party rescue two bards from a Kuo toa attack.

After an hour or so travelling downstream aboard the Tiger’s Claw, the majority of the party sleep in the crew quarters whilst a few others keep watch on deck. Claw struggles to comprehend Dethos’ book on the Karkothi, while Vicar uses his experience of war to take on the roll of Drill Sergeant as he attempts to get Captain Kelwood’s crew combat ready.

Soon they spot a guard outpost built into the riverbed. Unusually, no lights are lit at the post, and Kerranin and Claw become suspicious that foul play may be the cause. As the Tiger’s Claw draws closer, two well dressed men are spotted skulking towards the front of the outpost, indicating that there’s something in the water.

The Voyage Begins
The Party leave Moonstair aboard the Tiger's Claw

Following the ambush by Eardwulf, the party venture to Rualiss’ island to see if the wise Eladrin knows anything of the portal used for Pethorn‘s kidnapping, and the religious symbols seen on Eardwulf’s sword and the chest found aboard the Orc boat.

Rualiss believes that the portal has an exact copy, etched in blood, at the other end, and that it must be somewhere on the material plane. Sadly his knowledge of non-fey religion and history is insufficient to provide the party with any further information that may assist them.

Eardwulf's Ambush
Kaidis' bodyguard leads the party into a skeletal ambush.

Whilst the town guard searches for Ambassador Kaidis, under the direction of the party and Mayor Kelana Dhoram, the party are approached by Kaidis’ bodyguard, Eardwulf.

He informs the party that Kaidis’ seeks to speak with them, and that he cannot trust the Baron or Moonstair government.

The party cautiously follows Eardwulf towards the shopping district, despite Stan and Kalantari’s strong suspicions over his motives.

The Investigation
The party investigate the kidnapping of Pethorn

The adventurers arrive at The Cloudwatch inn in Moonstair, after having been informed that the baron’s son, Pethorn had been kidnapped by orcs from his bedchambers.

Kerranin questions the guests and the halfling landlord, Cham and discovers that the kidnapping went unnoticed until Ambassador Kaidis alerted them. After coercing a reluctant cleaner into talking, the party also learns that the guard at the door entered the room willingly and was talking to someone inside the room.

The Banquet
The party defend the Therund Elite against an Orc ambush.

Image of The Banquet

The adventurers are invited to a banquet in the Moonstair Great Hall by request of Baron Peranon via a letter to Mayor Kelana Dhoram. The Baron is visiting Moonstair to give the adventurers his blessings for having thwarted Skalmad’s plans to conquer the city.

Item Allocation

Faral takes the Feral Spirit Totem +3
Anorwyn takes the Magic Stormscale Armour +4
Erranor takes the Life Force Amulet +4

The Sunwrath longsword would later be returned to the Baron of Therund.

The Lightning Mace +3 and other minor items were sold and the monies distributed between those in the group.

The Feywild Portal

Having killed Vard/Skalmad and destroyed the Stone Cauldron, the party now must leap into a mysterious portal in the hope it will send them home.


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