Nightmares of Nerath

If two heads are better than one... about five?


Returning victorious from having set the cursed mummy, Gerennus Failbhe to rest, the party are congratulated by Chieftain Woldred. Woldred indicates that their guide, Theomund must be tortured in order to reveal more information on the Karkothi army’s plans.

Faral convinces Woldred that they should attempt to interrogate Theomund one last time, and with the threat of torture looming over him, Theomund reveals everything he knows to Kerranin.

“Before the next full moon, you will witness the destruction of these weak-minded peasants. Every man and woman bearing arms here will be slain at the hands of our great armies forming to the East. Of those that surrender, the women and children will be spared to help produce the next generation of Karkothi warriors. An army 12,000 strong, consisting of Karkothi undead and our orc allies gathers to the North-East, near the Barony of Skalgard. We have a pact with Renwald, the Skalgard Baron, who is going to grant safe passage through to your lands, in return that we spare his people.

The Therund boy is held at Jatasura’s keep of Eternal Darkness, past the forbidden shore in the Karkothi Swamps of the Dread Marshes. Although our armies do not gather there, it is well guarded with many of my master’s elite forces. You are clearly powerful, as demonstrated. But there is a difference between besting a single Karkothi with barbarian mercenaries and a fortress of Karkothi. They will find you, they will capture you, and you will become part of our army.

Jatasura has some powerful friends, that much is true. Fortunately, he has the coin to fund such an expensive ally. Rolunir has terrorised many of the oceans across the Material Plane. Tell me, how you think the club wielding apes of these Harthyar barbarians will fair against such a magnificent killing machine."

But mummy's day is tomorrow!
The party encounter the mummy for the fourth (and hopefully last) time.

Carting the bodies of the slain foes and the captured Tostig after the encounter at the Stables, the party gain an audience with Chieftain Woldred at his Hall in the centre of the Hold.

When presenting Theomund’s body to Chieftain Woldred, the Iron Wolf leader brings the Karkothi Thane back to life by crushing a necromantic skull amulet filled with blood that Theomund wore.

With stern questioning from Kerranin, Anorwyn and Claw, the party learn the following:

  • An attack is planned at some point in the future on Woldred’s Hold.
  • The Baron’s son is a political hostage intended to prevent Nerathi intervention, and is not held in Selduria.
  • The Mummy was a Karkothi warrior called Gerennus who betrayed the Karkothi, and helped save the Harthyr Barbarians (barbarians of Selduria) hundreds of years ago.
  • The Mummy’s tomb lies 10 miles across the Griffon River to the South East, in the territory of the Ghostdrake Barbarians. He knows the fastest path and can take the party there.

Woldred finds the threat of war alarming and begins preparations to bolster the Hold’s defense. Although he intends to bring fast and final justice to Theomund, he agrees to allow the party to use him to quickly find the tomb, provided he is returned to them. In the meantime he intends to interrogate Tostig for more information.

The party set off on the journey…

Stable Showdown
The party ambush a Karkothi Thane at Tostig's Stables.

The note found in Ambassador Kaidis’ lodge lead the party to Tostig’s stables, just outside of Woldred’s Hold at approximately 2pm.

Tostig, reveals himself to be rather uninformative, and denies all knowledge of ever meeting the ambassador.

Arriving at Woldred's Hold
The party arrive at Woldred's Hold and follow up on a few leads


The party finally arrive at Woldred’s Hold at around 10am on day 4 of the quest.

As the merchant Dalthan and Captain Kelwood see to unloading their cargo, the party venture through the palisades surrounding Woldred’s Hold and into the Barbarian town within.

The party looks to enquire about several points of interest:

  • The location of The Baron’s son.
  • The Dragon. Rolunir.
  • The Mummy and Half Elf, Thoros ( previous owner of the finger).
  • Ambassador Kaidis’ property.
  • Shopping.
Mummy Drinks!
The party stumble upon the mummy helping itself to Dalthan's wines, as a Blue Dragon takes the opportunity to attack the vessel.

As the night draws on, the party is approached by a drunken sailor who informs the party that the Mummy is downstairs helping itself to Dalthan’s wine cargo.

The party approach the undead monster, who seems to be more interested in having a drink than attacking the carriers of its cursed finger.

Eventually, as the party and the mummy draw nearer, it abandons its drinking binge and shambles towards the party, culminating in a large battle on the lower deck.

Ship of the Dead
The party discover Kaidis' ship... and its undead crew.

Captain Kelwood sets the Tiger’s Claw alongside Ambassador Kaidis’ seemingly abandoned ship. The party begin to board it and drop anchor once they get across. Kelwood drops anchor on the Tiger’s Claw to keep the ships in close proximity.

Lost and Found Companions
The party tends to its wounds following the Dragon attack, saying goodbye to two comrades, whilst gaining another.


Following the attack by Rolunir the dragon. The injured party members are revived by Randal The Priest and reflect over their losses. An examination of the corpses of Erranor, Stan and Shardon indicates that only the elf ranger’s remains are intact enough for the raise dead ritual.

The party take useful items from the Cleric and Rogue, knowing that in these dire times, nothing can afford to be wasted. Kerranin, who has adventured with Stan the longest, delivers a fitting eulogy for his friend, before the wrapped bodies are sent overboard at the advice of Captain Kelwood and Dalthan, the ship’s owner. Dalthan discovers his wine amongst Shardon’s belongings, but doesn’t vocalise his annoyance out of respect for the dead.

Big Blue Meany
Rolunir the Dragon inflicts serious damage to the party

8 hours after leaving Pelarbin, the party were confronted at sea by Rolunir, an Elder Blue Dragon and its four Dragonborn servants.

Saving The Priest of Pelor
The party rescue the Priest of Pelor and leave Pelarbin.

Following the party rendering the Iron Circle’s garrison forces unconscious, the party are concerned about the prospect of 100 more men marching down the 15 mile road from Sarthel. To add to their worries, Gloran Ironmead, the dwarf barkeep, believes that their are some additional forces from the garrison unaccounted for.

Pelarbin palava
The party nearly visit a tavern without having a fight


The party eventually reach Pelarbin early in the morning (1:30am) with several goals:

  • Resurrect the crewmember killed by Captain Crugold’s sniper.
  • Hand in the four surrendered pirates of Crugold’s crew to the Pelarbin authorities.
  • Rest and restock equipment/weaponary
  • Sell Captain Crugold’s ship.
  • Seek medical attention for Anorwyn, who suffers from Mummy Rot.
  • Seek any alternate method of ridding themselves of the Mummy’s curse.

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