Warrant For Arrest

A warrant bearing the Baron's seal, detailing ficticious crimes by the party


Warrant for arrest

Let it be known, that I, Baron Peranon of Therund, order the arrest of the group known as the ‘Heroes Of Overlook’. I set the reward for this service at 50,000gp.

Evidence has come to light that proves this mercenary organisation aided Skalmad in the recent attacks on Moonstair within my Barony in an attempt to extort money from the city. According to one of their number whom we captured, they are planning an assassination attempt on High Seneschal Klaran Meitor’s life in Sarthel in order to cause instability in the region.

They should be detained with the upmost care. Their numbers are growing, and they are exceptionally well trained killers. I advise no less than 100 soldiers strong should be used in an attempt to capture this evil group.

Their numbers include:

Kerranin – Dwarf: known for crushing his victims by jumping on them in plate armour.
Thorngrim – Dwarf: bathes in the blood of his enemies – Hence his strong odor.
Erranor – Elf : Child killer
Anorwyn – Blademistress who keeps her victim’s heads as trophies.
Faral – Elf: AKA ‘Bear Widow’. Transforms her slain spouses into phantom bears
Claw – Shifter: cannibal known for skinning his victims.
Kalantari – Elf assassin responsible for the deaths of several kings of the Veilin lands
Stan – Cleric, banned from his temple for strangling the sick in their beds.
Medrash – Dragonborn: worships two things – Gold and Tiamat.
Vicar – Sexual deviant.

By Order of Baron Peranon of Therund.


Warrant shown to the party by Commander Trakul of Pelarbin before his attempt to capture the group. Trakul claimed to receive the warrant from Ambassador Kaidis on behalf of Baron Peranon.

Warrant For Arrest

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