Moonstair Shop items (list)

Items that can be bought from Moonstair shops


The following items are available to buy in Moonstair:

Heroes that took part in the demise of Skalmad get a 50% discount for these items and any non-magical standard items.

Lightning Execution Axe +2
Transposing Warhammer +3 – TAKEN
Flaming Greatbow +3 – TAKEN
Rageblood Hide Armor +3
Bracers Of Archery (Heroic)
Wildrunners (heroic)
Rogue’s Gloves (paragon tier)
Goliath’s Belt (heroic)
Sun Disk Of Pelor +2
Symbol of Power +3
Bracers of Mighty Striking (paragon)
Guardian Shield Heavy Shield (heroic)
Beastlord Hide Armor +3
Point Blank Longbow +3
Warding Spirit Leather Armor +3
Irrefutable Cloth Armor +3


Moonstair Shop items (list)

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