letter to Oglak

Letter carried by the Orc Mercenary, Oglak.



The Great Hall is but 100 yards South from the docks. Due to the recent attacks, the garrison is likely to be under strength and so the docks ill-guarded, so you should dispatch them quickly and quietly before proceeding to the hall.

The Great Hall consists of two very large open rooms joined by seperating archway. The main entrance leads directly into the first, larger room by a double door. Rather than attack this room head on, I would advise you to go through the kitchen to the dining room and ambush the targets. Then cover the exit corridor to cut down anyone attempting to flee.

Pethorn should not be with them. In which case you only need to worry about sparing the Baron. Kill the others, and I advise you to dispatch the band of adventurers before they have a chance to react, as their abilities have been proven in the way they dispatched the former ‘patron’ of your services.

As you deliver your message to the Moonstair nobility, the remainder of your fee will be delivered in a chest to your boat in the docks. The key you were supplied with previously will unlock its contents.

Do not fail me.

- Regardless of how confident you are in not falling to the enemy, you must destroy this letter once you have memorised its details. I do not want this to come back to me before I get chance to leave Moonstair.


Letter found on the corpse of Oglak, after the ambush in the Great Hall of Moonstair was thwarted by the party.

letter to Oglak

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