Letter and the Finger

A letter explaining the horrible events


To my dear friends, I hope you will forgive me for what I have done, but I had no choice. The mummy has haunted me every night since I found this cursed finger. I’ve tried throwing it away, but it did no good. All the bodyguards I hired either fell or deserted me. One night they did manage to kill the monster, but it returned stronger than ever. Dethos, the moonstair sage, advised me that only by finding the mummy’s tomb, or by giving the finger away, could I be rid of its hateful curse.

I came into possession of the finger in a card game with a half-elf named ‘Thoros Woodsoul’ in Woldred’s Hold in West Selduria. Needless to say, he is not my brother. He owes me money and offered the finger of a ‘Great Karkothi General’ as payment. As you are travelling there, you may be able to track Thoros down, and either force him to take the finger back, or find out how to break the curse permanently.

Apart from Dethos and my bodyguards, I have kept my possession of this curse a secret. My farming businesses have suffered immensely as I have been in no fit state to work due to lack of sleep and having to constantly be on the move. I am no warrior, and who would knowingly take up this burden for me? You are surely strong and brave enough to endure the curse and perhaps solve it. Needless to say, when you return to Moonstair, I will reward you financially for this burden. Please understand, I meant you no harm, but I would have been killed or driven mad otherwise.

- Brandor Everwood


Given to Kerranin, at the Moonstair docks, in a sealed envelope.

Letter and the Finger

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