Jatasura Attack Plans

documents containing information on the Karkothi army's plan of attack on the Iron Wolf people.


This series of parchments is written in Abyssal and contains detailed plans on Jatasura’s armies and their plans of attack on taking Woldred’s Hold.

Points of interest include:

  • 2000 Winterskull barbarians across 100 longboats will attack the Western coast, blockading the port and will join the land attack against Woldred’s Hold.
  • The attacks will focus on the four main gates of the outer palisade wall, which are considered the best points of entry to the Hold for the army.
  • The orc and Karkothi armies marching in from the North East will use 10 trebuchet to break down the outer wall.
  • Jatasura considers the orcs to be the front-line force and to draw much of what little ranged fire the barbarians can muster.
  • Jatasura will aim to coax the barbarians into a battle on the open field where they can be cut down by superior numbers, cavalry and arrows.
  • The renowned Orc General, Meyrakes is worshipped by his kin, and will be coordinating an attack on the northern wall will the assistance of his giant allies.
  • The total force consists of 13,000 troops. Consisting of: 2000 barbarians, 2000 living Karkothi, 4000 undead Karkothi, 5000 Orc forces.
  • The central Keep is the main objective. Jatasura believes that once a small force breaches and captures the Keep, the rest of the town will fall rapidly.
  • Rolunir will provide aerial assistance, and pinpoint any weaknesses in the Iron Wolf defence. Prior to the attack, he will engage in a series of skirmish attacks, intended to weaken the Iron Wolf guard and to demoralise the Iron Wolf people.
  • The Town Elder Druids, Woldred, and those unable to fight (children and elderly) are expected to be located at the Keep, and will be ritually sacrificed as an offering in an attempt to free the Abyssal Chained God, Tharizdun.
  • Expected allied losses: 1000 orc forces, 500 Winterskull barbarians, 1000 undead Karkothi. (20% of total force).
  • Expected enemy losses: 3000 (100% total force).

documents found in a chest in one of the teleportation chambers inside The Keep Of Eternal Darkness.

Jatasura Attack Plans

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