Group Equipment (list)

A list of any items taken by the group and possibly available.


(Keep, 3400gp, uncommon) Necklace of Keys +2 [lv 8]
(9000gp, common) Dynamic Rapier +3
(17000gp, uncommon) Withering Bastard Sword +3
(25000gp, uncommon) Lifedrinker Shortsword +3
(25000gp, uncommon) Agile Wyrmscale Armour +3

Jagged Handaxe +4 (Vicar/Kerranin)
Circlet of Mental Onslaught (paragon) (Faral/Linus)
StormWalker’s Cloak +3 (Kalantari/Faral)

1470gp of arcane ritual components

Magic Waraxe +3 (sorry, I need this back. kerranin)
Intensifying Longbow +2 [lv 9] (Erranor)
Razor Bracers [lv 7] (Vicar)
Goliath’s Belt [lv 9] (Vicar)
Flame Bracers [lv 3] (Faral)
Deathcut Leather Armour +2 [lv 10] (Erranor)
Gauntlets of Blood [lv 4] (Kerranin)
Dynamic Belt [lv 9]
Hammer +3 (Belonged to Thorngrim)
Flaming Greatbow +3 (Belonged to Erranor) (Claw using atm)
Waterbane Waraxe +3 (Belonged to Kerranin)
Accurate Staff of Ruin +3 (Lester)
Hammer +4 (Thorngrim)
Symbol of Divine Reach +3 (Linus)
Elixir of Speed(paragon)(x1) (Rave)
Potion of Resistance(paragon)(Thunder)(x4) (Kerranin, Anorwyn, Thorngrim, 1 spare)
Potion of Vitality(x10) (Kerr,Linus,Anorwyn,Kalan.,Rave,Lester,Vicar,Faral,Thorngrim,Claw)
Gauntlets of Blood (paragon) (Anorwyn)
Boots of Withdrawal (Paragon) (Lester)
Belt of Giant Strength (Paragon) (Vicar)
Elven Cloak +3 (Rave)


Used some ritual components to cast gentle repose ritual (10gp).
Allocating some components to cast raise dead on the dead crew member. (500gp)

Group Equipment (list)

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