Baron's Letter

A letter sent by Baron Peranon to Mayor Kelana Dhoram


Most noble Kelana Dhoram,

I must thank you for your correspondence and bravery during these recent dark times we have all faced.

My firstborn, Etheran, has paid the ultimate price in protecting our once great Nerathi lands. I am glad that I can say, yet with a heavy heart, that my pride has surpassed my sorrow with his passing.

The great heroes you mentioned, that continued the work of my son in ridding Moonstair of the Troll menace, are worthy of the highest accolades our nation can bestow. I only wish that I could have witnessed firsthand as they delivered the final blow to that most despicable Troll King.

I will visit the town this coming Marksday, to retrieve my son’s remains, and to give my blessings to both yourself and the slayers of Skalmad. My younger son, Pethorn, will accompany me on this journey, and he will be handed my ancestral sword that you managed to retrieve. I only hope that one day he will prove his worth as a great warrior like his brother.

I propose a modest feast with the town’s nobles and the heroes to be held in your Great Hall where I can pay my respects to the gallantry of Moonstair. Following this we will discuss at length the plans for Moonstair’s recovery given the heavy toll it has paid during the recent conflicts. Please make the necessary arrangements for both this, and as per our previous visits to the town, fitting bed chambers for us and my staff in the Cloudwatch Inn.

Baron Peranon of Therund.


A letter sent by Baron Peranon to Mayor Kelana Dhoram inviting the party to a banquet at Moonstair’s Great Hall.

Baron's Letter

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