A Guide to the Karkothi Empire

Dethos' book on the Karkothi Empire


Not all the book has been read. Information gained by the party reading the book is as follows:

  • The Karkothi people are descended from the Kars. A Barbarian tribe from nearly 1000 years ago that lived in Eastern Selduria.
  • They conquered the wizards of Dol-Thamar, but were halted when trying to conquer the elven kingdom of Tarsembor,
  • From the ruins of Dol-Thamar they discovered powerful magic, and soon gained a taste for dark and powerful arcane secrets
  • Hungry for power and impatient to subjugate their fellows, the Kar chieftains plundered the Thamari vaults and interrogated the surviving Thamari wizards, learning how to summon powerful patrons and strike sinister pacts to achieve arcane might. The Kars now added the reckless pursuit of magical power to their already barbaric and warlike disposition. Thus the Karkothi Throneholds, a realm of warlocks and warriors, took shape.
  • The kings of Karkoth grew hungry for a wider dominion and conquered and many kingdoms in Selduria and the elven lands to its south. About three hundred years ago, the Karkothi Empire met its match in a new power from over the sea: the Empire of Nerath, then at its zenith. The Karkothi and Nerathi clashed in repeated wars over the next sixty years, until the power of Karkoth was broken and its conquests stripped away.
  • The Karkothi, humiliated and bitter, retreated to their throneholds, the former empire of Dol-Thamar. During the long generations of Nerath’s dominance, the Karkothi domains feuded, schemed, and fought with each other over their shrunken empire. At the time of writing, Nerath’s hold on northern Selduria has begun to weaken, and mentions that Karkothi ambitions are stirring again with incursions of monsters and bitter rebellions throughout Selduria.
  • The Karkothi Throneholds are not densely populated; the Karkothi are not numerous. Their power lies in their talent for the dark arts, and their ability to subjugate the tribes, savages, and monsters in the surrounding lands.
  • The Kings command a wide, multiracial empire, populated by humans, dwarves, goliaths, tieflings, and monstrous races such as minotaurs, gnolls, orcs, and giants. However, Karkothi are commonly encountered in the company of undead. Most Karkothi thanes and nobles are practiced warlocks and warriors who supplement their living bodyguards with skeletal warriors and battle wights. Fell skeletons are fearless bodyguards created in necromantic rituals. Unlike other skeletons, they can speak in cold, hollow tones, act independently, and follow complex directions.

The Book belongs to the Moonstair library and has been under the care of the sage Dethos. It appears to be from the times before the Empire Of Nerath Fell. Entire Chapters appear to be missing from the book, including ‘Karkothi Rituals’, ‘Karkothi Lineage’ and portions of the ‘Historical Timeline’.

Dethos admits to not reading the book in detail himself, though he does have a basic knowledge of its contents. Having noticed the missing pages when he handed the book to the party, Dethos recalls that the only person he recalls having borrowed the book, was an elderly man a few years prior. He does not remember the man’s name, but believes it might have began with an F.

During the voyage to find Ambassador Kaidis, Belrund and Vicar successfully read the entire book between them, sharing the knowledge with the rest of the party.

A Guide to the Karkothi Empire

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