Human Karkothi Thane




A Karkothi Thane.

The party learned of Theomund after conversing outside of Woldred’s Hold with Tostig the stablemaster.

Theomund is believed to have murdered Thoros Woodsoul after the half-elf failed to pass on the Mummy’s finger to Chieftain Woldred at one of the Iron Wolf leader’s gambling banquets.

The party learned through Tostig, that Theomund had been using the former Winterskull barbarian to relay information about shipments from the docks at Woldred’s Hold, and guard movements around the town.

The party prepared an ambush for Theomund at Tosig’s stables, in which the Karkothi Thane was killed by Erranor. When presenting his body to Chieftain Woldred, the Iron Wolf leader brought Theomund back to life by crushing a necromantic skull amulet that appeared to be filled with blood.

When questioned, Theomund revealed the following the party after being coerced.

  • An attack is planned at some point in the future on Woldred’s Hold.
  • The Baron’s son is a political hostage intended to prevent Nerathi intervention.
  • The Baron’s son is not held in Selduria.
  • The Mummy was a Karkothi warrior called Gerennus who betrayed the Karkothi, and helped save the Harthyr Barbarians (barbarians of Selduria) hundreds of years ago.
  • The Mummy’s tomb lies 10 miles across the Griffon River to the South East, in the territory of the Ghostdrake Barbarians. He knows the fastest path and can take the party there.


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