Stan (deceased)

A heroic, but impulsive Cleric of Bahamut, tends to rush in to situation with thinking it through before hand (or afterwards)


Stan, fullname Stanwise Theman Laurel, grew up in the city of Sigminster. He had an uneventful childhood, spending most of his time hanging out at the local Temple of Bahamut, where his dedication to Bahamut (not to mention his impulsiveness and general accident proneness) got him noticed by the Master of the temple.

Under the Master’s recommendation, he was able to secure a place at Cleric College. Where he spent most of his time Drinking and hanging out with friends from both Cleric College and the nearby Mage University.

After graduating, he returned to his place of birth. Hoping to work his way up the temple hierarchy, and one day own his own temple. However an incident, involving a room full of priceless relics and an escaped bull; led to it being suggested that Stan mat better serve Bahumut by becoming and adventure, and staying as far away from fragile relics of Bahumut as possible.

He traveled to the town of Winterhaven where he met the Dwarf, Kerranin, a Paladin of Morradin. Stan became involved with Kerranin’s party’s attempt to investigate the Keep on the Shadowfell, and has been with the Party ever since. Though now he and Kerranin are the longest surviving members.

In his time with the party Stan developed an irrational fear of Doors and Spiral Staircases, due to many a traumatic experience with them. He proved himself an exceptional healer, his rousing words and faith brought back many an ally from the brink of death. His proudest moment was when he slew a Black Dragon whilst drowning, and his most prized possession was A Monster Manual he liberated from The Sceptured Tower of Spellguard.

He had hoped to continue working with the party and further develop his talents to become a Cleric of Legend, but an encounter with Rolunir whilst aboard the Tiger’s Claw saw the brave cleric torn to shreds by the claws of the evil dragon.

With little of his remains intact, the party buried their comrade at sea, with a eulogy given by the paladin Kerranin, his closest friend.

Stan (deceased)

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