Skalmad (Deceased)

Troll Chieftain, who used Moran's Eye to lead an army against Moonstair.


While exploring the old barrows of the Trollhaunt, the troll-chieftain Skalmad discovered Moran’s Eye , a potent fomorian relic wielded by the first king of ancient Vardar. Lost for untold years, the Eye quickly corrupted the avaricious Skalmad, inspiring him to tear out his own eye in order to claim the relic’s full power.

As it directed Skalmad’s ambition, the Eye showed him a portal to the Feywild in the heart of an ancient troll ruin known as the Great Warren. Within the Feywild, the Eye led the would-be troll king to a site of great power and even greater evil—the Stone Cauldron. There, Skalmad’s plans for domination were born.

With the power of the Eye, Skalmad set about bringing the monsters of the Trollhaunt under his dominion. He saw himself as the founder of a new Vardar, establishing a stronghold in the Great Warren. Under Skalmad’s leadership, the trolls of the Trollhaunt began to terrorize neighboring lands with a fury not seen in generations.

Skalmad killed Baron Peranon’s son, the heroic adventurer Etheran, and took his ancestral sword, Sunwrath as a trophy.

The party aided in the defense of Moonstair, and eventually chased Skalmad back to the Feywild, who had by then transformed into risen Vard, King of Trolls. In killing Vard, the heroes saved Moonstair and retrieved the ancestral sword of the Therund ruling family.

Skalmad (Deceased)

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