Emissary from the eladrin castle-city of Celduilon


Eight years ago, the eladrin emissary Rualiss traveled from the Feywild to the natural world to keep watch over the Moon Door.

Rualiss wears formal blue robes decorated with messages of peace and cooperation in Rellanic when interacting with the people of Moonstair. At home on his island, he wears simpler robes.

Rualiss is not particularly happy to be living outside the Feywild, and the eladrin is gruff and impatient to anyone he is not required to be polite to.

Rualiss is an emissary from the eladrin castle-city of Celduilon, located a few days from the Feywild side of the Moon Door. He is a learned scholar, and is Moonstair’s best source of arcane lore, history, and knowledge of the Feywild.


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