Elder Blue Dragon


Little is currently know of Rolunir the dragon.

Rolunir has Dragonborn followers, who appear to aid him in ransacking ships in the Midnight Sea. The party first encountered these particular dragonborn in an Inn in Pelarbin, selling various magic items that are now understood to have been the spoils of Rolunir’s attacks.

The party was attacked by Rolunir and his followers as they crossed the Midnight Sea. Rolunir explained that he had been paid to hinder the party’s progress, and offered to leave the ship and its crew alone if they provided him with 50,000gp worth of items and allowed him to kill three party members.

The party refused and fought with Rolunir.

Rolunir won, killing some party members, and taking several items as trophies from the incapacitated party members.

These were:

  • Withering Bastard Sword +3 (Stan’s)
  • Flaming Greatbow +3 (Erranor’s)
  • Avalanche Hammer Warhammer +2 (Thorngrim’s)
  • Dynamic Rapier +3 (Shardon’s)
  • Waterbane Waraxe +3 (Kerranin’s)

The following party members met their end fighting Rolunir:


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