Raedan (Deceased)

male Iron Wolf barbarian


One of the greatest warriors from Woldred’s Hold. The only living Iron Wolf to ever survive a visit to the Dread Marshes. He was tasked with retrieving a sword from the Dread Marshes nearly 20 years ago, as part of his ‘Journey of the Wolf’. A ritual an Iron Wolf Barbarian must undertake to be come one of Woldred’s Elite Wolf Warriors, the greatest warriors the Iron Wolf people have to offer.

Raedan retrieved the sword from a small Karkothi Town within the swamps, but was eventually captured on his way back to his ship. Taken to the keep of Eternal Darkness, Raedan was tortured to within an inch of his life. While his captors slept, he broke free of his magical chains (made from bones) and strangled all of them. Taking the sword, he returned to Selduria a hero amongst his people.

After many adventures in the years that followed, an ageing Raedan was once again called to go on a quest to the Dread Marshes by Chieftain Woldred. This time his duty was to assist the Adventurers from Moonstair in freeing Baron Peranon’s son from the same Keep Of Eternal Darkness that he himself was held.

After an enounter with undead, the group was attacked by a Heroslayer Hydra, and the brave barbarian fell in battle after several bites from the hydra’s many heads.

Raedan (Deceased)

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