Oberon XII

He feels superior to everyone. A wizard, no more no less


Human Wizard.


Oberon XII is the last descendant of lineage of wizards arose in the Principalities of Glantri. Oberon Oberdan of Obi I, the family founder, established that every firstborn male should have been trained in the magical arts; since then the tradition has been maintained. Oberon X, Oberon XII`s grandfather, when he was still an apprentice decided to leave the realm of Mystara and landed in the city of Athkatla in Faerun. Here, he joined a group of adventures with whom he travelled around all Faerun. He had a son, Oberon XI and a daughter Aurora. Oberon XI after becoming a wizard moved to Athkatla where he joined the cult of Shar and met his companions of many adventures, Xena and Aron. He never saw his family again. During his travelling he got access to rituals to expand his power and eventually became an evil Lych. When Xena established The Grand Duchy of Xenania, Oberon XI became her court wizard. Having reached great power and fame Lord Oberon XI decided to leave the scene focusing his attention elsewhere. He believes he is the last wizard of his family and being immortal he is not bothered by that. He is unaware that his sister, Aurora, had a son, Oberon XII, who undertook magical studies as imposed by the family tradition. Oberon XII is aware of his ancestors and believes that who masters the magical arts is superior to everyone; he does not like impositions or boundaries. He has a curios mind and goes wherever his interests will take him. Oberon`s aim is to expand his knowledge, he does not fight for good or evil.

Oberon XII

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