Eardwulf (Deceased)

Bodyguard of Ambassador Kaidis


Gruff bodyguard of Ambassador Kaidis. Believed to be hired by Kaidis on his recent travels to West Selduria.

Led the party into an ambush in an abandoned shop in Moonstair under the pretense of taking them to Kaidis, who at that point was suspected of the kidnap of Pethorn, the Baron’s son.

Eardwulf displayed a mixture of arcane and martial abilities during the battle, making use of formidable skeletal soldiers which had the ability to talk and act independently.

At the point when Eardwulf was incapacitated, he was slain by one of his own skeletal allies.

His sword, though non-magical had markings similar to those seen on a chest on an orc boat and a damaged portal in Pethorn’s bedchambers in the Cloudwatch Inn. The most noticable marking (not seen elsewhere) was a skull with horns on the guard of the sword.

Eardwulf (Deceased)

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