Captain Kelwood (Missing presumed deceased)

Captain of The Tiger's Claw


Captain of the Tiger’s Claw ship. Giving up his life as a sailor over twenty years ago, Kelwood, a citizen of the Skalgard Barony decided to settle down with his wife and child in Woldred’s Hold.

After his wife and son both died of a fast and mysterious fever, Kelwood was convinced to head the Tiger’s Claw after the merchant, Dalthan (later revealed to be Jatasura) convinced him it would add purpose to his life.

Kelwood captained the Tiger’s Claw on hundreds of journeys over the past twenty years, transporting various cargo between Nerath, Selduria and the lands to the south.

After the kidnapping of Pethorn, Baron Peranon’s son, he was reluctant to give transport to the mysterious party of adventurers and was not convinced that the waters were safe enough for transport (all ships were forcably docked at this point, due to the attacks by Skalmad’s army).

Despite serious disagreements with several incidents where the party put the lives of his crew in jeopardy, Kelwood learned to respect and trust the party. This was acknowledged when he spoke with the party before they disembarked into the Dread Marshes to rescue the Baron’s son:

I realise I have not been too welcoming you and your allies in the past. Truth me told, I wasn’t sure to trust you. Your selfless actions have helped restore my faith in Nerath. That’s something I haven’t had since before the day my wife and child were taken from me. I know these are dangerous times, I will pray to Pelor for his light to guide you through this place of evil. We’ll be waiting here for when you return.

Shortly after, Kelwood was betrayed by Dalthan and he and his entire crew were led through the swamps to the keep of Eternal Darkness.

Prepared for ritual transformation into undead swamp walkers, the plan was briefly halted by the party’s interruption of the ceremony. Sadly, the Karkothi were too numerous and the party was detained along with Kelwood and the ship’s alcoholic priest, Randal. Meanwhile, Ambassador Kaidis re-commenced the ceremony with just Kelwood’s crew.

After the party and Kelwood escaped their cells, they quickly ran into the hall to stop Kaidis’ ceremony. Kelwood used the Karkothi Throne to seal the hall doors, preventing the dozens of additional Karkothi from entering and overpowering the party once again. Once the enemies were killed, the wizard Lester discovered that he could activate a Karkothi portal with an unknown desitination.

The portal being their only way of escape, Kelwood – under strain from the throne portal asked for a flask of water. After being offered the water by Vicar, Kelwood explains that he doesn’t want to drink the water and that he will use it to wash away the Karkothi markings so that the Karkothi soldiers cannot follow them through.

Kelwood insists that he has little to live for, and that he will join his wife and son in the afterlife. He explains that the party must save Woldred’s Hold, which is the burial place of his family.

Taken back by Kelwood’s bravery and sacrifice, the elf Erranor, offers Kelwood a fire arrow and a flask of oil as an alternative to being killed (or worse) by the Karkothi when they get through the doors.

As the last party member escapes through the Karkothi linked portal, Kelwood’s fate is uncertain and may forever remain a mystery…

Captain Kelwood (Missing presumed deceased)

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