Anak Strifeminer (Deceased)

Dwarf Merchant and owner of a series of 'StrifeMiner's Speakeasy' taphouses.


Unlike his four older brothers, Anak struggled when it came to combat and was mercilessly bullied by the other Dwarf children during his childhood in Brindol. Anak found solice helping his beloved mother in the family kitchen where he was taught a wide variety of traditional Dwarven meals.

As he grew older he convinced a Goliath acquaintance to help him kickstart a small distillery run from his own bedroom. Within four years Anak had enough money to open his first tavern, and also pay for a headstone of his beloved mother, who had died a year previously from poisonous fumes from Anak’s bedroom. The guilt of her death would continue to haunt Anak for the rest of his days.

After several years of not turning a profit with his new tavern, Anak decided to focus on what he had been interested in from his childhood; traditional Dwarven food. Soon enough, people from all around Brindol would flock to sample the delights of his Dwarven Ale Pies. This success led to the opening of four other taverns across the Elsir Vale.

Anak eventually made the decision to keep the menus and prices fixed across all his venues, creating what he referred to as a ‘chain’ of taphouses. Turning his attention to the scattered territories of Nerath, Anak was looking for a good site for his fourth taphouse in the region, when an invite came from his friend, Dalthan, to join other members of the Merchant’s League in a banquet with the Baron of Therund.

Anak attended the banquet, and was having a great time until he was shot and killed by an arrow fired from the bow of an Orc.

Anak Strifeminer (Deceased)

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