Ambassador Kaidis (deceased)

Ambassador of Therund and Aide to Baron


Ambassador of Therund and aide to Baron Peranon.

Kaidis is a diplomat who has helped to keep strong ties between Nerath and the Harthyar tribes of Selduria.

Kaidis is suspected of involvement of the kidnapping of Pethorn, the Baron’s son.
Kaidis’ bodyguard, Eardwulf, an employee acquired at some point during Kaidis’ visit to Western Selduria, led the party into a trap under the guise of a meeting with Kaidis in an abandoned shop. An illusionary animated visage of Kaidis distracted the party as skeletons rose from the floorboards to attack.

Kaidis escaped by ship across the Midnight sea. A diary aboard his abandoned ship then indicated that Rolunir the dragon had taken him on the rest of his journey.

The party met up with him again in the throne room of the Keep of Eternal Darkness, where, along with Jatasura and his minions, overpowered and captured the party.

When the party escaped, they interrupted his second attempt at converting the crew of the Tiger’s Claw to undead and he was slain in this attack.

Ambassador Kaidis (deceased)

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