Nightmares of Nerath

Super Smashing Great!

The party encounter Minotaurs Guarding ruins

After two hours of travelling south, the party notices relatively fresh tracks leading to the south of approximately 20 humans and 10 minotaurs. Some of the human tracks are staggered and out of place, which the party assume could be a sign that there were prisoners.

The party continues to the track the prints south, leading slightly away from the route the party where headed, traversing difficult ground for a while, before the path becomes much firmer and less like the swamp they have encountered so far.

Kalantari spots some ruins to the south and scouts ahead, spotting Minotaurs in the ruins, but is also spotted himself.

Eventually, as the minotaurs stand their ground, Kerranin bravely approaches them for a chance of diplomacy, while the rest of the party hangs back.

One minotaur states that they are tasked with guarding the great ruins and that none shall pass.

After a few insults are hurled the Minotaur leading yells ‘Charrrrrge!’ and the horned warriors sprint towards the party.

A tough battle sees the party quite badly wounded. Kerranin, Thorngrim and Linus are eventually rendered unconcious from various charges and axe swipes from the horned menace. The accumulation of battle and lack of rest in the swamp sees the heroes unable to effectively fight due to exhaustion.

The final Minotaur shaman bites the dust and the party try to work out their next step



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