Nightmares of Nerath

Planning the defense of Woldred's Hold

With Woldred and the town elders, the party formulate a plan to fend off the Karkothi army.

Based on current knowledge and the battle plans taken from the Keep of Eternal Darkness; This map represents the party’s current understanding of allied and enemy forces.



  • One unit representation on map = approximately 1000 men.
  • Paths represent the predicted paths the other forces will take.
  • Nerath forces (shown bottom left) will take at least 4 days to reach the Hold.
  • Civilians/Non-combatants not indicated on map.
  • Red Cross = destroyed settlement, Blue Cross = abandoned settlement.

Hold Defenses:


Woldred’s Hold Population Mix: About 3,000 people live in or around Woldred’s Hold. Virtually all are humans of Harthyar descent. However, small clans of dwarves, halflings, and elves are also found there.

A stone keep built during the days of the Nerathi alliance protects Woldred’s Hold. Newer palisades of wood encircle the settlement, providing additional defense. Woldred keeps a guard of more than a hundred fierce Iron Wolf warriors in his hall, and a third of the people in the settlement (1000) are fit to be called warriors and will join in the hall’s defense in times of need.

With reallocation of forces from other holds, and the addition of refugees from all the other settlements (most notably from Jandror’s Hold), the forces in Woldred’s Hold now total 2000. 3000 civilians also now currently inhabit Woldred’s Hold (a number of these are also refugees).

The Hold’s octagonal palisade walls currently have 100 men guarding each side of the walls, with the exception of the 3 northern sides of the wall, which have 150 men each. The same number of men act on a rotation with these warriors, and approximately 100 men are on duty inside the Hold.

The other two surviving holds each have approximately 700 men and 2000 civilians.

Woldred’s Hold – 2000 warriors, 3000 civilians
Eldor’s Hold – 700 warriors, 2000 civilians
Grall’s Hold – 700 warriors, 2000 civilians



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