Nightmares of Nerath

Patrol Ambush

The party eliminates a Karkothi patrol as their rest is interrupted at the ruins.

Following dispatching the Minotaurs, the party decide that they are in no condition to tackle Jatasura and his minions in the Keep Of Eternal Darkness.

Although much of the keep above ground has been destroyed, they cannot anticipate what awaits them in the staircase down into the remains of the keep.

Setting up camp, party members on watch soon spot Claw and some kind of human wizard stumbling their way towards the ruins.

They join up, and continue the overwatch.

After another couple of hours, three soldiers make their way towards the keep, examining the slain Minotaurs along the way. A stand-off ensues, where the Karkothi human soldiers eventually decide that the party is injured enough to slay easily.

… they are not.

The surviving Karkothi is interrogated by the party and eventually reveals that there are two more patrols and that the keep consists of more Karkothi, minotaurs and undead. He insists that they have no chance of rescuing the Baron’s son. The party ignore his attempts to discourage them and tie him up before finishing their rest and proceeding into the keep.



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