Nightmares of Nerath

The Battle Of Woldred's Hold
The party defend the North Gate from the Karkothi forces
Behind Enemy Lines
The party seek efforts to disrupt the Orc armies approaching from the north.
Planning the defense of Woldred's Hold
With Woldred and the town elders, the party formulate a plan to fend off the Karkothi army.

Based on current knowledge and the battle plans taken from the Keep of Eternal Darkness; This map represents the party’s current understanding of allied and enemy forces.



Rolunir Bites The Dust
The party land in Rolunir's lair, and dispatch their old foe.
The Great Escape
The party manage to escape their captors and rescue the Baron's son and some of the ship's crew
Interrupting the ceremony
The party interupt Kaidis' attempt to turn the Tiger's Claw crew... but take a whupping in the process.
Minotaur Training Grounds
The party have a whale of a time fighting their ol' minotaur and undead buddies.

The party venture down into the lower level of the ruins of the Keep Of Eternal Darkness. Living up to its name, the keep seems to have some form of magical resistance to light, and all light sources only shine dim and at half their usual range.

the corridor forks into three paths. Kalantari hears heavy breathing from rooms along the leftmost corridor, whereas Erranor and Faral both hear sounds of combat (possibly training) taking place behind a door down the rightmost corridor. The party agree that taking the central path through the large double doors would be the most likely to lead themselves into a trap, and so they venture down the right corridor.

Patrol Ambush
The party eliminates a Karkothi patrol as their rest is interrupted at the ruins.

Following dispatching the Minotaurs, the party decide that they are in no condition to tackle Jatasura and his minions in the Keep Of Eternal Darkness.

Although much of the keep above ground has been destroyed, they cannot anticipate what awaits them in the staircase down into the remains of the keep.

Setting up camp, party members on watch soon spot Claw and some kind of human wizard stumbling their way towards the ruins.

Super Smashing Great!
The party encounter Minotaurs Guarding ruins

After two hours of travelling south, the party notices relatively fresh tracks leading to the south of approximately 20 humans and 10 minotaurs. Some of the human tracks are staggered and out of place, which the party assume could be a sign that there were prisoners.

The party continues to the track the prints south, leading slightly away from the route the party where headed, traversing difficult ground for a while, before the path becomes much firmer and less like the swamp they have encountered so far.

Kalantari spots some ruins to the south and scouts ahead, spotting Minotaurs in the ruins, but is also spotted himself.

The Cottage In The Swamp
The party are invited inside by their welcoming hosts.

Following the tough fight with the Heroslayer Hydra, the party regroup. Berend, Carric and Kalantari leave the Tiger’s Claw, while Woldred’s son, Brogan, returns Raedan’s remains back to the ship.

The party are also joined by Bernhard the Venerable. A high ranking knight of Therund, who once tutored Baron Peranon’s children in history and the art of war. Himself, with a personal stake in rescuing the boy, was denied from assisting in the quest by the Baron, on account of his age. With his own sailing boat, and on the back of a prayer from Bahamut, the elderly paladin has managed to discover the land where the boy is held. He wastes no time in joining up with the party.

The party come to a mysterious small hut on a central island in the swamp seperated by two bridges. A weary looking wolf lies tethered to the ground outside the hut, whilst a woman beckons the party to approach.


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