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Nightmares of Nerath is a 4th Edition Paragon level adventure set in the aftermath of the ‘Trollhaunt Warrens’ campaign.

Having defeated Skalmad, the adventurers return to Moonstair where they are celebrated as heroes. Here they are invited to a celebratory banquet alongside the Baron of Therund and various members of the Therund upper echelon.

At the banquet they are ambushed by a band of Orcs, and discover the Baron’s son has been kidnapped. Together they discover that Ambasador Kaidis is behind the kidnapping and that he has links to an unknown eastern faction. When Kaidis escapes Moonstair by boat, Dalthan the merchant provides the party with passage aboard the Tiger’s Claw. The party pursue Kaidis across the seas of the Nentir Vale to Selduria save the boy.

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Nightmares of Nerath

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